Part of the regulatory process for the licence application is a four week consultation period. You may therefore see some notifications being put up around the bridge identifying the upcoming works and inviting feedback from users and interested parties. This will be followed by a review by the regulatory authorities, of any comments raised or actions necessary around obtaining the licences. As a matter of course we remain in regular touch with the various authorities, to gain updates and to ensure they have all the information required.


With a start date of 18th May, our aim would be to complete the refurbishment of the Camel Footbridge by the 23rd July. This would allow the bridge to open in time for the start of school’s summer holiday period. Much of the work is dependent on good weather and this has potential to impact our programme, however we will be working extended hours, including evenings and weekends, in order to complete the project at the earliest possible opportunity.


We appreciate the revised start dates have been inconvenient and difficult to plan around, as well as communicating a changing picture to the people who most use the bridge, and so are grateful for your patience and understanding. 


If you have any queries or concerns about this work, please call 0300 1234 222 or

For a map of the works see the link below:

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