David Bairstow

Hello guys and gals, my name is David (Call me Dave), I have a small variety of completely made from scratch sauces, “He’ll Hot Chilli sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce, a Sweet Smokey bbq Sauce, a Sweet Tangy Piccalilli sauce, and another one which is Spicy Ploughman's chutney.

take a look at my facebook page its http://www.facebook.com/homemadesauceone ! should work now ive tested the link cut and paste  into your ADDRESS bar

All these sauces are £3.40 per Jar ! [40p to N.H.S] guaranteed...I Will post, but for this, 4 jar minimum order, I COVER cost of postage! Be WARNED! If you do purchase THE HOT SAUCE I take no responsibility use carefully! ! The hell hot sauce is VERY hot around 6.5 mln Schoville units ! Beware, for those who are less spice prone.

There’s the warm medium heat sweet chilli or barbecue sauce which has a nice tang with a little kick ! More Thai inspired.

Go on, treat your hubs to the hot one ! Or maybe with Xmas nearing, think of hamper fillers, remember I Only use the freshest ingredients and locally sourced too.

Now for all you chilli haters, we have the sweet Smokey bbq sauce and also

NOW have sweet tangy piccalilli Sauce ideal for those cold meats over the winter months! Xmas and thanksgiving etc.....

Now here’s 5th product ! Ploughman’s Sweet Slightly spicy pickle ideal with cold meats and goes really well with cheeses
£3.40 per jar same as other products give it a try !