Wadebridge breathers Group

John Betjeman Center Southern Way, Wadebridge, PL27 7BX

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Thursdays 12pm-1.30pm

The group was formed with the aim of improving our breathing due partly to COPD. We do exercises mainly from sitting aiming to tighten muscles.

Before and after exercising we are given the fingertip test for our oxygen level and pulse rate. We do warm up and warm down exercises where we sit in a semi-circle facing our instructor Cheryl, who calls out throughout the session: “keep your feet moving people!”

After warm-up we move in pairs to 12 exercises as we circle the room. We use small hand weights, large balls, static bicycles and resistance bands.

Jim blows the start whistle and again after one minute to stop. We do only as much as we feel we can.Back to our semi-circle for warm down exercises using the resistance bands finishing with Moira’s favourite then rehydrating with tea or coffee and a biscuit.

People can leave any time after the second finger test but a small group of us chat and laugh before moving out through the café where very good lunches are available.
If you have a breathing difficulty just turn up on a Thursday afternoon and you will be made very welcome or contact our secretary George Proctor on 01208 814416

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