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What we deal with:
stray dogs - any dog that is unaccompanied in a public place or on private land (View a list of stray dogs we have recently collected)
Noise complaints regarding dogs
Dogs kept in such a manner so as to be a nuisance
Dog fouling complaints
Dog control orders and Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) that restrict dogs on beaches
Enforcing PSPOs - such as Dogs on beaches, Dogs on Leads by Direction and Parks and Open Spaces Exclusions
Dog identification and micro-chipping - Cornwall Council aims to be proactive in the promotion of responsible dog ownership through a balanced approach of public education and enforcement while facilitating the Dog Registration Scheme by issuing dog ID tags and micro-chipping.
Local dog with a rope toy on its mouth

All dogs that are dealt with by the Dog Welfare and Enforcement Service are cared for in a manner so as to ensure their welfare is of utmost importance and we have been awarded a Gold Footprint for the way in which we deal with dogs in our care.