Business Details

Welcome to the Bowmen of Wadebridge, the club was formed by Roy and Gwen Skipper in 1987 as an “Open” Target Archery Club with strictly amateur status. Our focus is on shooting with re-curve bow, compound bow, longbow and others (sorry no crossbows).

In the summer months we shoot at the Colquite Estate, where our range can accommodate up to 56 archers on 14 targets, shooting up to 100yds. During the winter we shoot at Bodmin Scout hut on Wednesday evenings and at Hustyns, just outside Wadebridge on Fridays.

The Club is managed by a committee of members who meet on a monthly basis. Members are welcome to attend committee meetings, the details of which are published on this site and on our Facebook page. Meeting minutes are available to all members through the club secretary and published on this site.